samedi 30 juin 2007

new molecule men

lundi 18 juin 2007

molecule guy

i have play with my alphabet in order to produce a guy. Don't know now if is usefull...but it is done and seem nice.

jeudi 14 juin 2007

annexin docking poster

samedi 9 juin 2007

PMG in science

NETWATCH: Molecular Home Movies

Press article in science magazine about PMG :

"The new Protein Movie Generator (PMG) provides an online studio for budding scientific Walt Disneys. Produced by two researchers at the University of Paris, the site makes it easy to create animations that put molecules in motion.

PMG starts with files from the Protein Data Bank or trajectories from molecular simulations. Users can then script simple scenarios, such as an enzyme pirouetting to display its active site, or more complex maneuvers, such as a ligand gliding in to dock with its receptor. If you prefer stills, you can use PMG to craft molecular graphics. This illustration, for instance, bares some of the internal structure of triosephosphate isomerase, one of the sugar-slicing enzymes of glycolysis."