mardi 29 janvier 2008

ADN images

Still playing with gelato. In this case i have use ray-traced shadow and indirect light in addition to the ambiant occlusion pass. Namely:

Light("light2", "distantlight", "float intensity", 1, "color lightcolor", (1, 1, 1), "point from", (1, 2, 0.5), "point to", (0, 0, 0),"string shadowname", "shadow","float shadowblur", 0,"float shadowsamples", 16,"float __nonspecular",0)
Light("light4", "indirectlight", "string indirectname", "indirect","float intensity", 0.5, "string sdbmode", "","float samples" ,64,"float bias" , 0.1)

Then all is loaded as layer in the gimp, and i use the grain merge mode with 50% opacity of the beauty pass.

The scene have a transparent background. (click to enlarge the picture)

lundi 28 janvier 2008

new gelato image test

Some other exemples of my gelato test. I have tried some differents shader in addition to the ambiant occlusion. There is transparancy, plastic postgloss pretexture shader test. Then I have used the Gimp to combine the different layer...
In this case the protein object comes from the ICM package ((c)Molsoft The latest icm version permit to export in clean wavefront object (thanks to Levon Budagyan). But the software is not free, as he includes molecular modeling algorithm like protein docking, and the free version doesn't permit to export.
For include this wavefront object in gelato, i have used the obj importer from Bill Robertson (

mercredi 23 janvier 2008

DARC molecular dynamics

This a first test on my research project on the DARC protein. This is the result of a molecular dynamics used in order to refine a complex previously obtain by combination of flexible and rigid-body docking. The animated gif was generated using my local pmg script which export the trajectory from VMD to gelato, and then create the gif or a avi movie (combining ambiant occlusion and diffuse pass). Click on the image below to see the animated gif (be carefull the gif is huge and can slow down your computer if you havn't enought memory).

lundi 21 janvier 2008

VMD-gelato suite

The same as before, but in 1500x1500 and then upload on youtube....

vendredi 18 janvier 2008

vmd-gelato script for Molecular movie trajectories movie

I have adapted some part of the PMG code to get a litle script which permit to get automatically gelato movie from vmd. Here are exemples using 20 frames from a molecular dynamic. computation of ambiant occlusion take 3 min for each frame.(clic on the image to see the animation)

jeudi 10 janvier 2008

PMG vmd-gelato t_brown_sky

gelato ambiant occlusion

gelato shader dynamic
gelato multiply

PMG megapov