mercredi 5 août 2009

MGLTools PMV - Gelato

I have recently discover the MGLTools-PMV software and its amazing number of possibility...(see from ). Playing with, its seems really easy to add plug-in and new functionality. Like I did here to integrate the nvidia rendering engine gelato as a plug-in accessible for the file menu of pmv :

A simple capture from pmv (with antialiasing) look like this (and this is a realy simple one...):

Using gelato, I can select which object inside Pmv I want to render with gelato, and choose an apropriate shader. Currently, the plug-in only handle CPK and ball&stick style.
The ambiant occlusion is still a good choice to increase the quality of picture :

Then I just have to combine this two picture using imagemagic, gimp or either the vision software (part of the mgl tools... ), i will try to show something later with this.

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